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ALPINE AMUSEMENT PARK is just the place to go when little kids want big fun. During the winter activities are centered around a gentle bunny slope. During summer the owners convert the area to a water park with slides.

Everything outdoors seems to start at the BIG BEAR DISCOVERY CENTER. Itís the best place to start out on guided or self guided nature walks, get information about local conditions and wild life, but the Center also offers special programs for kids designed to make kids more healthy as well as to develop their awareness of our environment. Fun programs like building bird feeders or using a map and compass are offered frequently.

PADDLE BOAT AND PIRATE SHIP TOURS of the lake are available at various times of the year. The Pirate ship takes you close to the island called CHINA ISLAND or TREASURE ISLAND by locals. Itís private property so you canít go ashore, but you can see the pretty and intricate Chinese style architecture from the lake.

FAWNSKIN is the site of the oldest buildings in the area including the old Fawns Lodge, PEDERSEN SAW MILL and the big Octagon shaped building that was once a dancehall, then a POST OFFICE now a rental home. Miners first came to Fawnskin by horse or stagecoach, and eventually little town evolved into a popular vacation spot and artists community. The attraction grew throughout the teens and the 20 when the roads improved and tourists could drive up by car. No surprise, the some famous actors and writers live there today. The townís famous sense of humor shows through annually with the Do Dah Parade and mayoral elections. (You pay a quarter to vote for anyone in town. Whoever makes the most money wins in a campaign the locals claim is the only fair election in the nation. Serious bird watchers will love Fawnskin as itís the site of the annual migration of Golden and American Bald Eagles (Nov to April)

When scientists at the world famous Jet propulsion labs were looking for the perfect place to study the sun, sunny Big Bear came to mind. So they built a high tech SOLAR OBSERVATORY right here on the north shore, taking advantage of the high elevation and clear view. You can get a glimpse of this high tech wonder by taking a tour available from 4 pm to 6pm Saturdays and Sundays during the summer. Phone for info (909) 866-5791
MOONRIDGE ZOO is one of the few animal parks in the country where you can view a live Grisly bear. In fact, visitors will see lots of animals they may only have glimpsed in the wild, like hawks, owls, bobcats, ravens and eagles. The staff is working to help protect various species with breeding and rescue programs, so your visit (or donation) will help support a good cause. Visiting hours different hours winter and summer so check before you go. Parking is free. Call (909) 878-4200
Big Bear City
Big Bear Historical Museum
Big Bear City Park
Big Bear City, CA 92314

Big Bear Lake
Moonridge Animal Park
43285 Goldmine Dr.
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Big Bear Discovery Center
40971 North Shore Dr. (Hwy 38)
Fawnskin, CA 92333

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