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Lake Tahoe Dining Guide

International Cuisine

Lake Tahoe is an internationally known sports paradise, so it just naturally follows that it draws international chefs.  Whether you have a yen for Asian, are fond of fondue or after a day of cutting the mountain all you can think about is Sushi, our Lake Tahoe dining guide has the establishment for you.
The latest food craze in California is fusion food. Simply put it is the combination of two different and usually distant types of food into a blend that is pretty fantastic. For example Asian mixed with Cuban and you get tempura fried shrimp with bananas, chayote squash and a chili pepper kick. Really a lot of fun. It's hard to classify if this is International, American or more Japanese, but it's easy to say it's delicious.

Bam, a lot of flair goes into cooking around here. We even have festivals to celebrate food, wine and the different seasons they are paired with.
Lake Tahoe restaurant Guide
Popular chefs all over Lake Tahoe prepare amazing gastronomy

Restaurants in Lake Tahoe

Our Lake Tahoe dining guide contains a list of popular restaurant in Lake Tahoe. Here are some other kinds of cuisine to tempt your palette. American Food - Fine Dining - International Cuisine - Pubs & Clubs - Breakfast - Coffee Houses - Take Out - Menus

There are so many places to choose from, here are some of City Concierge's favorites.

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