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Volcolm Brothers Skate Park SHADY REST SKATE PARK
Skateboarding is not a crime at Mammoth's popular Skateboard Parks. The new Brothers Skate Park is located at Trails End just off of Meridian Blvd. by the College. Launched in 2005, this is a 50,000 sq foot skate park designed by top riders, and sponsored by the folks at Volcom. Rails, bumps and the infamous cradle, where you can attempt to do a 180. Helmets and paddings are required and please observe that guideline so that we can keep it open and free.

Shady Rest Skate park
A smaller more beginner skate area is located in Shady Rest Park. The concrete, steel and asphalt structure was built in the summer of 1999 and boasts a variety of hits and obstacles. The Shady Rest Skateboard Park is open daily from dawn to dusk, weather permitting. The annual Let the Good Times Roll in-line skate event and hockey tournament takes place each August in Mammoth Lakes. Let the Good Times Roll 760-934-2400

Nestled in the pine trees at 7,800 feet you can ollie on the pyramid, grind a curb or a rail, wreck yourself on our getto style Jersey barriers and double quick kick flip to fakie on the quarter pipe at the Shady Rest Park. Wear all your safety gear or risk a hefty fine. The Street-Scene Skate Park at Shady rest is open from dawn to dusk, in the spring, summer and fall. Obstacles in the Skate Park are designed for all ability levels.

Safety gear is required including helmets, elbow and kneepads and wrist guards. Failure to wear the proper safety gear may result in a citation form the Mammoth Lakes Police Department. Have fun, but skate at you own risk.

Skateboarding? What's skateboarding got to do with the Eastern Sierra??? Well for starters, how about miles of gently sloping downhills with fresh pavement and no cars in sight for days.

Bishop Skate Park
How about the new skatepark in Bishop with hits-o-plenty. How about some hidden spillways that will have you showing off your street style grace at your own private spot with a setting unmatched anywhere. Skateboarding can't be a crime if there is no one else around to even know you are skatin'. A couple nice spots are the Owens Gorge Pipeline Road and also the mine road out at the end of Barlow Lane in West Bishop. The skatepark in Bishop is located at the City Park. Hours are 8:00am to 1/2 hour after sunset, rules include pads and helmet required, no bikes, no ghetto blasters, no brawling, no smokes or alchohol. Complete list of rules at the park. Admission is free.

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