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Pacific Crest Trail

From the tip of the U.S. / Canadian border down to the U.S. / Mexico border, the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail spans 2,650 miles. About 300 people walk and hike this trail every year, with about 180 finishing before the first severe snow fall. It takes about 6 months to do the trail, logging 20 miles per day and ranges in elevation from just above sea level at the Oregon-Washington border to 13,153 feet (4009 m) at Forester Pass in the Sierra Nevadas. While Mammoth is not labeled on this map, we are located just above Bishop. Both places are a great refueling stop if you're on the hike. Often times hikers will recharge and rest for a few day in some comfortable lodging in Mammoth. The pack stations also will help with the restocking of food and consumable supplies. If you're one of the adventurous people and are planning a hike, we'd love to share some of your photographs and stories with our guests.

Map Provided Courtesy of City Concierge

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