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Mammoth Mountain Opening Day

Mammoth Snowfall in September It's snowing in Mammoth and if you're one of our Southern California regulars, you'll be cheering. Why Mother Nature decided to cooperate and brings snow to Mammoth Mountain so early in the season, no one really knows. Opening day is on track for Thursday November 9 with a weekend of parties in The Village to kick off the season. You will want to dust off your skis, get them waxed and get the thermal underwear out. The weather measured in town has been about 40 degrees and the 20's at night which means it's time for the long johns. Mammoth Lakes is all geared up for your vacations this winter and City Concierge can help you with discounts and packages all season long with new lift ticket programs, lodging specials to get you to come when it is not crowded, and spend less while having more fun. For those of you who have never come up for the opening weekend party, it's a blast.

The picture you're looking at was the first snowfall that happened in September. There was snow on the ground in town, and the mountain is piling it up, to spread it around, to get the Main Lodge going. As usual, our groomers do a great job making the runs, pipes and kids areas ready for opening day and early season skiing. Sneak away before the holidays start for a quick weekend and get all warmed up. Take a look at how they're doing.

At the top of the season the Mammoth Main Lodge will open which has Broadway Express and Thunderbound. The gondola to the top may be running depending on weather but otherwise chair 23 will get you to the top if it opens The snow guns are going, and the groomers are working overtime to mix real snow with their snow out of the gun to make smooth trails, although it is early season, so you may want to leave the new skis at home on this first trip ;-). It has however been proven, once the man made snow has been skied on, you can no longer tell the difference as it mixes right in with the natural snow. Yeah for technology!

It's going to be a long season again this year. Depending on who you ask you can get different weather reports. Last season many of the reliable, trustworthy weather sources were just plain wrong. The local towns people, with their home made predictors - like seeing deer run to the back country - knew the season would be bountiful. Sounds a bit "hillbilly" but a local knows when they have to get out a sweater early in the season, it is going to be a big one. We looked in the Farmer's Almanac. The prediction this year was for a normal season. Heavy snowfall in December, January and March which is fairly normal. This year National Weather reports that it will be our regular season of about 400 inches. Whatever it is, we'll be ready for you when the itch happens and you need to blast out of Los Angeles to come up for some early winter fun.

Enjoy the season, get our latest news on the City Concierge on Facebook and be sure to sign up for our Free Mammoth Newsletters for more specials, event news, and fun in Mammoth Lakes and at Mammoth Mountain.

Take a look at these slopes, our web cams don't lie so you can always see what is happening at Main Lodge.


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