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In National Forest-administered Wilderness, there may be special regulations pertaining to pets. Dogs and domestic goats are not allowed in bighorn sheep habitat areas as a result of the recent listing of this species as Endangered. Dogs and domestic goats are also not allowed in the Baxter Pass, Sawmill Pass and Shepard Pass areas.

Dogs are also not allowed in National Park Wilderness.

Dogs are allowed on National Forest Trails.
Pets must be on a 6-foot leash and under physical control at all times, or caged. While hiking on National Forest trails, pets must be on leash or under voice command. Check with the local ranger station to verify each trails rules.

For those areas open to dogs here are a few good reasons to leash your dog; Leashes protect dogs from becoming lost and from wilderness hazards such as porcupines, mountain lions, and sick, injured or rabid animals.

Unleashed dogs may intimidate other hikers and their dogs, depriving them of a peaceful wilderness experience.

Unleashed dogs may harass, injure and sometimes kill wildlife.

A leashed dog's keen senses can enhance your awareness of nearby wildlife or other visitors.

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