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Mammoth Mountain Discount Lift Tickets

Get the latest news on Mammoth Mountain discount lift tickets and specials from City Concierge. Click "like" above and we will send you our deals like this one as they become available. Recommend this page to your friends so that we can get even better specials for all of you! Thanks... it really helps.

Yes it is true, we do know about all the Mammoth discounts on lift tickets and you must order them or purchase them in advance. When you order your lift tickets online, you will receive a printable voucher which can be redeemed at the will call desk. Lift tickets are now on a plastic card instead of a paper ticket. You will receive the "card" rather than a ticket when you claim your purchase which is used with the new electronic gates. Most people will save an average of $5 - 13 per ticket when purchasing them in advance. Even more when there are super specials. Our online partner is one of the best sources for Mammoth discount lift tickets, when they have them, so check back often.

Mammoth Discount Lift Ticket Promotions

Mammoth Discount lift tickets
Order your lift tickets in advance to save

For the 2014 - 2015 season we are not sure at the moment if the Costco lift ticket will be back! (item # 811510) Yes we remember from last year that it always is a good value when you can find them. We have not seen them online, but they were spotted in the Burbank store. In the past, they we're not available at any Costco that is on the drive to Mammoth such as the one in Lancaster and once they were gone, they were gone. So do buy them at the location closest to you as soon as you see them. You may have to call around. Last year's price was $217.99 for an adult 3 of 4 day ticket. That makes it just $72.66 per day.

Costco lift ticket All discounted lift tickets no matter which resort you get them for will have special requirements. They won't be useful on holidays, or during special promotional times which are known as blackout days. Be sure to check your tickets before purchase as they are never refundable.

All specials are usually available during "regular" season, not prime time, or holidays.

You might want to compare prices to regular Mammoth Mountain Lift Tickets and you'll see that we have the best value on the tickets. Thank you to our spotters who have clued us in too!

Another great value on the lift ticket is the new Mountain Collective Pass. This allows you to ski Mammoth and other mountains for a whole lot less. The closed second mountain to us is Squaw Valley. You can ski all day at Mammoth and be in Squaw for dinner. Think about an extended trip to do both mountains. Now that's a vacation!

January Midweek Madness Lift Ticket

Are you ready to go mad? How about 20 days of skiing for only $299? This year the Midweek Madness lift ticket comes out to $14.95 per day! It does have some blackout days attached to it surrounding Martin Luther King Weekend, but if you're able to use it 5 or more days it pays for itself.(Based on a $72 average multi day pass). We want to encourage you come during the week, ski, have fun, and play... hey any day on the slopes, no matter what the conditions are is better than a day at work!

Lift & Lodging Specials

Mammoth lift and lodging packagesBe sure to click that "Promotions" link at the top of the page to see our current specials. This year once again we will have a lift and lodging deal available in spring. This will save you bundles on your You never know what kind of real deals we've got going. Our regular lodging is available through our Mammoth Mountain reservations department and is competitively priced. You can stay slopeside, ski in out or get a place in the town for any budget. We'll help you find the best choice so call one of our reservation concierges for assistance. We do the work, you have all the fun!

Discount Ski Rentals

Mammoth Ski RentalsHow about a $12.00 a day savings on discounted ski rentals in Mammoth. The average price for ski rentals is $47+ per day when you order them on the day of arrival at the resort, and you'll have to wait in line. We encourage you to or your ski rentals online and they will be ready when you are and they are only $35.00 for the same or better quality. We also offer demo skis and skis for first timers at competitive rates. Our partner has the highest quality rental skis available, professionally machined tuned. They are so good at tuning, that they tune for many of the other shops in town! (Don't tell) We offer regular or professional packages as well and the savings is about $30 a day. If you want "demo" skis, you can apply the rental cost toward the purchase, however "demo" skis are not the same as our professional level skis. You will want to go into the store to choose your demo skis so they are not available online.

Supplies on deals are not endless, jump on it when you see it. In all cases you must order your tickets in advance or shop for them before you go such as at Costco, so do not wait to the last minute. Not every kind ticket is available every day.

Check out our promotions tab to see more deals to Mammoth from City Concierge. And don't forget to hit that "like" button so you'll get the Facebook updates when we have them. Our FB friends win trips, get freebie gear and more. We'll see ya on the slopes!

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