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Sledding and Inner Tubing In Mammoth

When the snow falls, there is no better time to take your Flexy Flyer and race off to find a hill to come screaming down. When the snow is ripe toboggans, sleds and snow saucers hit the ground all over town. Everywhere you turn there is a short expanse safe enough to cruise, yet large enough so you can avoid making friends with a tree. Mammoth sledding

If you're after a super slide then just up Minaret Road is the Mammoth inner tubing park. Formerly known as "Sledz" it has be renamed "Woolly's Adventure Zone" You get a lift to bring your inner tube up the hill, and steps to walk and then the most fantastic groomed run down. With "whoop-Dee-doos", hills and valleys, and then a banked wall to slow you down, it is a lot of really fast fun for all. This fun park has real grooming equipment to make the runs perfect under any conditions and they make snow here for early and late season rides. They are open during daylight hours 10AM - 5PM, and offer a groomed run where tubers can bump their way till their sides ache from laughter. With all the outdoor activities, weather is always a concern call to check for conditions before you go. 760-934-SLED (7533) or 800-626-6684Inner Tubing

When you look for a great place to sled, a few tips are: 1) see if others are successfully sledding; 2) Stay as far as possible from trees and roads; and 3) Don't go too steep!

Just off Highway 395 opposite Smokey Bear Flats is a very large expanse and has fast become the haven for old fashion sledding. A good huff and puff will get you up the hill and the run out is long. The Welcome Center has maps to show you how to get there, or you can look in our maps section for "Smokey Bear Flats".

A popular location in Mammoth is also at the corner of Minaret and Lake Mary Road. The ride here is much shorter and good for the littler kids. You can sled anywhere you think it is safe, except on the ski area slopes even after closing hours. Have fun and don't forget your hat and mittens... and camera.

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