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Vacation Rentals in Mammoth, Lake Tahoe and Big Bear Holiday Reservations in Mammoth, Lake Tahoe and Big Bear

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Mammoth Lake lodging

Mammoth Luxury Lodging and Vacation Rentals

Mammoth has always been known as a hidden gem... filled with old condo properties. You never really know what you're going to get when you show up. That was the "old days". There are some really nice places to stay when you know who to call.

Mammoth Luxury Rentals has been around for years providing customer service via telephone at 866-864-6444. We spoke with their lodging expert, Jefferson, about the kinds of properties the company offers. Accordingly, the top of the list were many of the ski in out condo townhomes and the top favorites; The Timbers, Stonegate, Creekhouse, The Lodges and Graybear.

What makes these properties appealing is the open floor plan, higher ceilings and plenty of space. Each property is custom and most have all the amenities such ...


big bear cabins

Adventure Center at Mammoth Mountain

The Mammoth Adventure center keeps expanding with more to do than ever before. Each year new activities are added to keep the family entertained and it has become a highlight. This year is no different with the addition of the Via Ferrata climbing wall.

A via ferrata is a protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations. The term "via ferrata" is used in most countries and languages. It translates to "climbing path" and that is what was constructed alongside Ricky's Ridge just below McCoy Station up in the main lodge area. These are guided climbs with all the protective gear that give even beginners a thrill of scaling some cliffs. These real climbs on real rocks, just like the pros, but geared for adventure enthusiasts.

If scaling a clif...


 Mammoth Mountain Lodging
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