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5 Secret Tips For Choosing Your Big Bear Rentals

Amazing Boulder Cove Big Bear Rental Lakefront A relaxing weekend in Big Bear... just what the doctor ordered! So how do you choose which Big Bear rental is going to be right for your family? There are many things to look for including price, but price should not be the only factor. Big Bear offers many different services for vacation rentals and rental homes, however not every service offers the same precision in how they manage their properties.

First thing to look for when selecting a cabin is to make sure the size is right for you. Size matters and cramming too many people into a small place makes for an uncomfortable nights rest. Sleeping bags are out with the 50's. When booking your reservation look for occupancy not size. The key is how many people does it sleep. If you over stuff a cabin you won't have enough services inside the place, such as where to sit, hot water... or more importantly... toilets! It is also against the fire hazard laws and all property companies will enforce the maximum occupancy and you could be fined. A larger cabin is always more comfortable, even if a small one will allow the same amount of people.

Do you like to cook, or do you plan to go out? A well stocked kitchen is important if you're going to cook inside your vacation rental. Big Bear has restaurants of all kinds in all price categories. Maybe you'll make just breakfast. Having a kitchen that is well stocked with pots, pans, dishes, means you won't have to bring these things with you, which means less to pack, and more fun for the toys. Many will have BBQs on the decks so you should know whether to bring charcoal if you're into grilling. Having a great kitchen and cooking a meal in, means you can spend a little more on the cabin and save by not paying for meals and alcohol while out.

Toys... do you bring skis, boats, snowboards, bikes, paddle boards with you? If so, then check to make sure your Big Bear cabin has a garage or secure parking. You won't be able to bring bikes, paddleboards or larger items into the cabin. These are personal residences and you shouldn't to be courteous. There won't be room, but if the property has a garage, you will be able to lock it and feel more secure. These are residences that are on a vacation rental program, so chance they will have a garage and you should be sure you can use it when you rent the cabin.

Policies are the next thing you should consider when renting. City Concierge has very flexible policies and you will want to get all or most of your deposit back if you're going to cancel. You need to know what that cancellation / refund policy is if you're booking way out - see below. Holiday policies are going to be stiffer. Policies are what they are as the system of canceling on short notice was abused. In the early days of vacation rentals, people would book a 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom place and not know who was coming, and then cancel the ones they didn't need, leaving a company hanging. They figured that all out. The easiest way to protect your vacation investment is to buy vacation or trip insurance. This covers you if one of the kids gets ill and you need to cancel on short notice. You'll get a full refund. It is always a good deal, and when you book your reservation months in advance, you don't know what will happen as your vacation date approaches.

The date you book your vacation rental is the single most important factor. It used to be that prices would be slashed as the dates you booked, got closer to your vacation date. Ah, but that is gone now. Much like an airline, prices go up as more inventory is used. So your pricing is going to be directly related to how far out you book your trip. Companies want to get reservations on the books so they can plan staff and budgets. It will be less expensive to book your vacation 2 or 3 months in advance, then if you wait to the last minute. Once the company's monthly expenses are covered, they're looking to make as much as they can, so prices will go up, not down. If they were to lower the prices, the average of how much profit would go down, as the amount of staff and expenses go up. Not smart business. Be a smart traveler, and book well in advance of your trip dates. This is another reason why vacation insurance becomes so important.

Have you seen companies with too many fees listed? Stay away. The most important fee there should be is this new fee called a Damage Waiver. This is a new item that has recently started to show at check out time. Damage waiver is a very low cost insurance that protect the guest. With all companies, if you break something while you're renting in Big Bear, you will forfeit a portion of your security deposit to replace the item. The damage waiver protects you. And we all know, when it comes to kids, families and teens, things get broken. It usually run about $49 and is worth every penny.

These 5 tips will help you plan a better vacation and get more out of a vacation rental when you choose one over a hotel. Here is a quick review, 1) Size Matters, 2) Good kitchens save money on eating out, 3) Get a garage or locked storage, 4) Book in advance to save money, 5) Buy the vacation insurance and Damage Waiver to protect what you spend and not get hit with unexpected costs.

City Concierge has been vacation planning reservations in Big Bear since 2007. We know who has the best policies and where you will get your money's worth. Look at our properties which come from multiple sources. You'll see a wide selection, with minimal fees and all in prime shape ready when you are.

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