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Aqua Flight Water Soaring Adventure

Flyboarding in Big Bear with Aqua Flight Holly Mollie… it’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Ironman? No Batman, it is the newest rage to hit the lake in Big Bear. Flying high above the shores is Aqua Flight, the latest attraction added to the arsenal of fun at the Big Bear Resort. They’re not using wings, a hand glider, a kite, a parachute, oh no, but a “fly board” that jets out a plume of water. Wham! Zap! Pow! The rider is jet powered into the sky and takes flight above the waves.

Big Bear is one of the first resorts to now offer the Aqua Flight and you’ll want to give it a go this summer. Pounds and pounds of water pressure shoot out of the device launching the rider out of the water and into the sky. The fly board has been designed with boots akin to a wake board. Once laced in, the rider, through balance and dexterity learns to control the “jet pack” so that within the first ride is able to take control. Accompanied by an Aqua Flight expert who rides aboard a personal watercraft, instructions come via a remote headset to maximize the flight. It is not uncommon to be driving along the shore and see someone flying in the sky. With the addition of arm based streams, the rider can stabilize and fly much like Ironman. Yes, for a small additional fee, Action will make a video of the flyer so that you can prove you really did fly like Ironman. Who wouldn’t want that??

This video shows what flight can look like.

Big Bear has become the summer vacation playground for Southern California. In the old days, it was all about biking, hiking and nature. Now it’s about thrill rides and the natural resource…Big Bear Lake. The resort has recently added parasailing, ziplines and a boatless wake board park. Vacationers have found that the two day weekend is no longer the right amount of time as there is just so much to do. Families have been reserving Big Bear cabins for week long stays so that there is enough time to take in many of the thrill rides and adventures that Big Bear offers. August is the most popular summer month for a vacation in Big Bear as the weather is warm, the water is warm, and all the activities that can cool one off are in total operation. Yes, Big Bear has beach front cabins, lake front houses and boat docks just like the years gone by, and they too are most popular in August.

Big Bear is the closest cool weather resort to Los Angeles. It is just a 1.5 hour drive to the base of the mountain and about a one hour to climb to the top where the resort lays. The scenic drive encompasses the San Bernardino Mountains and the views are amazing. This summer with the heat wave in full effect, a vacation in Big Bear is just what the doctor ordered.

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