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Planning Your Big Bear Vacation

Elk Lodge-Big Bear Rentals

Big Bear is made up of two resort areas, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain which are just one mile apart. Planning a winter vacation is easy as it doesn’t make a difference which resort you’re at as they are just connected with a free shuttle bus which runs all day long. Just north of Snow Summit is the village and the lake making Big Bear a quaint town filled with year round activities.

Whether you think of Big Bear as a winter destination for skiing and snowboarding, or a summer hot spot for fishing, hiking and mountain biking, the first step is getting your rental lodging. Rentals in Big Bear consist mostly of vacation rental homes and a few condos. For years guests have asked for rental cabins in Big Bear which dotted the landscape of the 1970s. While they still exist, the “cabins” most people think about are really vacation rentals. Other accommodations include small cottages, BnBs, and some hotels mostly family run businesses. The most popular choice however are the rental homes as they are more cost effective, can hold any size group, and have amenities that other lodging doesn’t have.

Typical Big Bear rentals have full kitchens, fireplaces, Wi-FI and many will have private spas and or pool tables. At Snow Summit, there are rentals that are walk to lifts or just a few blocks from the base lodge. Similarly on the Bear Mountain side there are the flats to the west which have single family rentals and to the east is the hillside with beautiful hideaways with views of the lake or the valley. Either make perfect family getaways. If you’re more likely to be skiing or doing your activities at one mountain over the other, choose property that is close by to save the trip on the shuttle. Otherwise it really doesn’t matter. If you’re not going to walk, then you’ll need to take a town shuttle or drive. Either way it is easy to get around as the roads are flat.

For those looking for a step up, there are lots of 5 star luxury rentals in Big Bear. City Concierge recently added more higher end properties to their inventory as there has been more and more request for this kind of accommodations. Many will be near the lakefront, or tucked on residential streets that are hidden from view. These estates are perfect for larger groups or two families to share and can really change the dynamic of a “trip to Big Bear” into a “vacation in Big Bear.” During holiday vacations and summer, the large gorgeous homes and lakefront rentals are the first to be rented. You have to book these well in advance of your dates and many come with private beaches, a mooring dock for a boat, or just a view of the lake.

Pets are welcome in Big Bear and all the properties rented by City Concierge are labeled if they are pet friendly so choose this kind of property if you’re planning on bringing Fido. That said, Fido might want a vacation from you too! Since the lodging in Big Bear is very spread out, you’ll want to consult with your City Concierge reservation agent to make sure the property you rent is exactly what you’re looking for so there are no surprises.

The next step in planning your vacation to Big Bear is discussing your itinerary with your City Concierge expert. While the same properties offered by City Concierge are available all over the internet, most for higher prices, or with hidden fees, having an expert to help you plan makes getting the complete list of all available properties for your exact vacation days, one stop shopping. It’s faster and easier as you have someone to ask a question, or get what you need. Once you have the most important aspect booked, your lodging and accommodations, your Big Bear City Concierge agent can assist with discount lift tickets, activities, dining suggestions and other items that will turn that vacation into … well a vacation.

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