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Wakeboarding on Big Bear Lake

Wakeboarding on Big Bear lake is all the rage during the summertime.  It is a combination of waterskiing and snowboarding all at the same time, but more refined.  Wakeboarders can do tricks such as jump the wake, 180's, 360's, bunny hops, ollies, blindside spin, bonks, barrel rolls and the famous faceplant.  Any trick that can be done on a snowboard can be done on a wakeboard.  The two are very similar in style and snowboarders pick this sport up extremely quickly. 
There are two ways to wakeboard in Big Bear, either directly behind the boat which you can bring your own or rent one.  Big Bear also has a new cable park where a wakeboarder can be towed without the use of a boat.  Think of a ski tow rope graveling overhead with a pull down handle.
 Big Bear Wakeboard Cable Park

Wakeboarding gear can be rented in town, but most hardcore will have their own.  It is not difficult to learn or "get up" and once you master that, you'll be boarding all over.  The lake is 7 miles long...  that is a long turn!

Did we say how much fun this is?
Wakeboarding in Big Bear
Jumping the wake in Big Bear lake

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