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Eastern Sierra Audio Tour Guides

For 3 years City Concierge was a sponsor of this great program which created audio guides for the car that you can listen to when your drive into the Eastern Sierra. That's Highway 395. The program has since ended with 3 different audio CD's produced. We're really happy to tell you how you can get your own copy of these remarkable audio guides.


The 3rd Roadside Heritage audio CD titled "Exploring Extreme Environments" looks at the rich geology, natural and cultural history, from south of Lone Pine all the way to the California- Nevada border. Fascinating stories about the volcanoes, the wildlife such as the big horn sheep (yes there are sheep in the mountains!) and lots of things you see along the roadside.

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation and has won awards, and so have the high schoolers who made them. That's right together with the help of some adults, the kids in their classrooms did all the research, collected the interviews of the historians who know the area, along with interviews of local legends and produced these wonderful products. The history in the area is just fantastic and thear it come alive is amazing..

We hope you will enjoy the presentations. You can now purchase these audio CDs in any of the Forest Ranger / Welcome offices along Highway 395 for a nominal fee.