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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this website secure?
  Yes. We use 128 bit encryption for all transactions. Once you place your order, the transaction is complete. Whether you see the lock symbol or not, we are secure.  
2) Which properties are online here?
  We work with the majority of large reservation agencies, hotels and smaller property managers. We have centralized your search efforts so you can compare properties, prices and save on your vacation lodging as well as time. Every agency we work with is a professional agency. We do not work with individual homeowners. When you do a search we only show you what is available so you don't waste your time.
3) Are you more expensive?
  Our prices are exactly the same as if you went direct Our added benefit is that we save you time by centralizing your search efforts. There are no hidden costs and in many cases we are cheaper because we do more volume. If you're looking for a package, try our special deals section.
4) Where is my confirmation?
  If you block your emails, then you will only receive our confirmation via regular mail. Be sure to unlock "" and put us on your email "whitelist" or 'approived" list. The property manger may also send you a confirmation or ask you to pre-register, or sign a charge draft as they may not see you if you check in after hours.
5) What if I have questions about my condo unit or stay?
  We know the properties well. specific questions should be directed to the management company.
6) I can't decide, which property is best?
  Each unit and property has their own features. You can get an idea of the interior from the pictures, and the descriptions are very good, although individual amenities vary from unit to unit. We would love to advise you, but as there are hundreds of units, we have not been to each one.
7) How can I find out where the complex or unit is located?
  When you receive your confirmation, you will get the address of the property manage, which is where you to to get your keys. If you are instructed to pick up your keys directly at the property, then you will get your keys there and the address of the individual unit will be given to you, or an alternate location where you can pick up your keys. For the homes, the address will be listed and we recommend an internet search to find a map with the exact driving instructions. This is a map of Mammoth. We do not have street maps for Big Bear, or Palm Springs or Lake Tahoe
8) I am having trouble online. It won't accept my reservation
  Please call the corporate office at 866-864-6444 We will be able to verify if your reservation was accepted, or complete it for you over the telephone. It would be helpful if you can remember your unit #
9) I just have to speak with someone to make me feel more secure, who can I call?
  Call the reservation office. We can help. 866-864-6444 and are glad to find you the perfect accommodations.
10) I changed my travel dates, or changed my mind. What do I do?
  If you already received your confirmation, then call us to change the dates, times or location. Cancellation policies may apply
11) Can you help plan my entire vacation?
  Yes we can. However, the information we have is all posted on the website.

Please don't call us to tell us your family drama, get therapy, or to book other cities. We're not trained to do that!  
12) What happens at the peak seasons and holidays?
  Christmas and President's holidays are the busiest ski times. Boat Week is the busiest summer time. Everyone charges a premium for stays during these periods because the town is always sold out.

Our suggestion is to book early. It will safe you a lot of grief.
Payment schedules are different than regular season. Individual condo and hotel properties have specific payment and time frame instructions for the holiday periods. It is not standardized, but follows general guidelines.
> 1) Payment - Payment is due in full, often paid by check 45 days prior to your travel. Many do not take credit cards during the holidays due to forgery and other misuse.
2) Double check your reservation and that payment has been secured. Do not assume that everything is satisfactory even if you receive a confirmation via regular mail or email. Place a call.
3) Cancellation policies differ from company to company. Many will not refund a peak season reservation within 30 days of arrival. Many will refund only half of the money. It varies. Don't assume.

If you think you might cancel, BUY TRIP INSURANCE or you may not get a refund.

This is the link to all cancellation policies. It is your responsibility to know and understand these.

Again, these are guidelines as each property handles their business differently. Please check with them and understand their policies so that your vacation is trouble free. If you have any questions, call.

13) Are there any properties that allow pets?
  Not many. We have them all. Most are labeled "PET" and a few at Snowcreek are not. Some of the hotels allow dogs. There just aren't many pet units. A pet refers to just one dog. Nothing else. Dog means Dog, NOT cat. Cats will be removed at the owners expense. Seriously.

We love dogs, but we don't set the rules. Do yourself a favor, leave Fido at home. He will be happy, you won't have to worry, and the property manager won't "ding" you for a pee stain on the carpet.

Should you book a unit that does not allow pets and you bring a pet, you will be charged a fee for cleaning which may be over $300. Units must remain allergy free. Don't chance it.

14) I think my reservation did not go through?
PLEASE DON'T BOOK MORE THAN ONE RESERVATION unless that was your intention.
You will be charged for all reservations. We cannot be responsible if you book more than one unit.
15) I pressed the book it button, but nothing happened, will I be charged more than once?
  Likely not. If you did not put in the correct credit card information the reservation will be rejected. If we go the reservation, but you did not get your confirmation, it will not allow you to book again. Sometimes compatibility just isn't there. If you suspect an error, please call us.