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Mammoth Mountain Hotels Star Rating

Customers ask us all the time 'what is a good hotel in Mammoth' and we usually answer.. it depends. Star ratings are very helpful, but they are based on a world wide criteria... not a Mammoth Lakes criteria, so here is our rating, based on what we think and contrary to what it says on the individual pages... as those are the national ratings.

To search all the Mammoth Mountain hotels and see their national star rating use our handy widget!

1 Star - Economy hotel. Basic. Nothing more. A place to just "crash"
2 Star - Moderate hotel. Basic, recently remodeled or in good shape, has some kind of food service but not fancy.
3 Star - Moderate hotel. Newer in design. A few amenities. Has a restaurant/ bar and good for a traveler who wants more traditional hotel features.
4 Star - Luxury hotel - Built to reflect our mountain lifestyle. Amenities that go beyond food service and bar. Designed for a traveler who wants convenience with all the amenities
5 Star - Luxury hotel - Amenities that might include spa service, room service, valet, elite services, health club. Go on... pamper yourself.

Proximity to the ski slopes also plays in our rating as walking to the lifts is important. So here is how we rate the hotels in Mammoth. Again this is based on our criteria, not national, or worldwide. You be the judge!

5 Star
The Westin Monache

4 Star
Village Lodging

3 Star
Mammoth Mountain Inn
Juniper Springs Resort
Tamarack Lodge

2 Star
Austria Hof
Mammoth Creek Inn
Sierra Nevada Lodge
Best Western High Sierra
Sierra Lodge

1 Star
Quality Inn
The M Inn
Mammoth Village
When you stay in The Village you have the restaurants and stores below your lodging
The Westin Monache at Mammoth offers many amenities that follow the Westin brand, and although the rooms are small, they are well done. They have a very gourmet restaurant called The White Bark and bar you can really hang in. The Westin is in The Village area. The Village lodging is above the shops and restaurants. There isn't a true lobby to hang out in, but as there are 6 restaurants on ground level, you really don't need one. The Village area also has the gondola that take you to Canyon Lodge during ski season. This makes this location convenient if you like nightlife. The downside might be the noise and hustle bustle. These are your choices for upscale accommodations. Both of these are "condo-hotel" style accommodations.

The Mammoth Mountain Inn is a medium price, medium quality hotel. What sets it a part is the location. It is right on the slopes! It is a 6 miles to town or the Village and so it is a bit lonely up at the Mammoth Mountain Inn, but they do provide a shuttle to help you move about. You just can't beat the convenience of rolling out of bed and right on to the slopes.

Juniper Springs Resort is over by Chair 15 commonly called Little Eagle. This is a is a condo hotel. This is a new term meaning that the hotel is made up of privately owned condos, like The Westin and The Village. There is no restaurant or bar on premises at Juniper Springs Lodge, however during ski months you can eat or dine at the ski resort next door. The plus is that this hotel sits on the snow however it is a stretch to call it a "resort" as it is only lodging with a pool and outdoor spa.

Tamarack Lodge is quaint, old lodge style and rustic and many of the rooms have not been remodeled, so be sure to get a remodeled room. The newly remodeled cabins have a craftsman flair and are quite nice. The snow really piles up so plan on it right outside your door. Great fun for the kids. It does have one of the best restaurants in Mammoth called "LakeFront" and Chef Pierrel does an excellent job. Sierra Nevada Lodge is recently remodeled and also has a darn good restaurant, 2 bars and a miniature golf course. The owners have given it some love and it really shows. Austria Hof is a small boutique hotel walking distance to the slopes with a neighborhood bar and German restaurant - very cozy. The rooms are well appointed. The bar is a popular place to apres ski. Mammoth Creek Inn is also a boutique hotel, on Old Mammoth Road near the theaters and restaurant row in town. They serve a morning buffet and is on the free shuttle line.

The other hotels in Mammoth are mostly on Main Street and typical for a chain hotel. Don't expect anything special, just a cheap, discount price. While these Mammoth Mountain hotels are basic, and don't have much of a mountain theme, they make great "crash pads".

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