Policies for this Unit

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TO ENSURE A MORE PLEASANT VACATION. These policies are specific to the unit you are currently viewing.

Policies for this Unit PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TO ENSURE A MORE PLEASANT VACATION. These policies are specific to the unit you are currently viewing.


Check In Time is 3:00 PM. If you arrive early, go by the office and let them know you are in town. Late Arrivals - You can self service at any time. You will need the combination, so call the office to get it before they close on your day of arrival.

Departure Time is 11:00 AM - No exceptions. Keys must be returned to the office. Do not leave the keys in the unit. Do not turn the heaters off, but do turn them down to 55. Failure to complete the "Checkout and Cleaning Requirements" will result in extra charges against your security deposit.

CANCELLATION POLICY: NON-HOLIDAY CANCELLATIONS made more than 14 days before arrival - 10% of the total rental amount is forfeited. CANCELLATIONS made less than 14 days before arrival - 50% of the total rental amount will be forfeited. CANCELLATIONS made on or after reservation date only the security deposit and tax will be returned. HOLIDAY CANCELLATION POLICY: RESERVATIONS DURING XMAS and NEW YEAR'S WEEKS (Dec 20th-Jan 3rd) cancellations made on or before November 1st - 10% of the total rental amount is forfeited. Cancellations made after November 1st - 50% of the total rental amount will be forfeited. Cancellations made on or after December 15th only the security deposit and tax will be returned NO REFUNDS ISSUED DUE TO ROAD CLOSURES, POWER, GAS, OR CABLE OUTAGES, ETC.

A customer's decision not to stay at a rental upon arrival, results in forfeiture of any and all collected money, except the Customer's cleaning fee and security deposit (if applicable) unless otherwise deemed uninhabitable by the Owner and Agency. Under no circumstances shall a customer determine if a rental unit is unfit for habitation.

MAIN AND LINEN SERVICE: Housekeeping will set up the home you have rented and provide you with one set of towels and linens for your stay. You may want to bring your own beach towels for summer visits and extra blankets for winter visits. Housekeeping will clean after your stay however it is your responsibility to clean during your stay. Excessive cleaning will be charged against your security deposit.

UNIT AND EQUIPMENT: All units are fully equipped homes with kitchens. If anything in the property doesn't work or there is anything you are unhappy with contact the property manger immediately. If anything is missing or broken during your stay the cost will be charged against your security deposit. Firewood, charcoal, propane for gas barbeques is not included in the cost of the unit. You may want to bring specialty cooking equipment

NO SMOKING in any unit. PETS are only allowed in pre-designated pet units. If you bring a pet into a non pet unit, you will forfeit your entire security deposit.

Tahoe Guest Pass: If you are staying at a Tahoe Keys property you can use their facilities by obtaining a guest pass. You can get a pass from the Tahoe Keys Homeowner Association located at the end of ALA Wai Blvd by paying a small fee for any person over 11 years old.

The property manager reserves the rights to move you to a comparable property in the case of an emergency should a unit go down for unforeseen circumstances or during repairs.

CHECK OUT AND CLEANING REQUIREMENTS: You have rented a private residence. Please respect the owner's belongings. Here are some guidelines to help you understand the expectations of the property manager and the owner of this home. Check in Time is 3:00 PM. Check out time is 11:00 AM - No Exceptions. If renting more than one unit please do not remove items from one home to another

Make sure the fireplace vent is open prior to lighting a fire
Please clean spills on carpet as they occur to prevent permanent damage
Do to bring pets unless it is a pre-designated pet unit

On Departure Day- Follow these simple instructions Clean and put away all used dishes include pots and pans. Do not leave in dishwasher.
Clean any heavy spills on stove and oven
Return all items where your found them including furniture
Put away all garbage cans or bins
Leave all dirty and or wet towels on the bathroom or in the bathtub
Refill ice trays
Set thermostats to 55. DO NOT TURN IT OFF
Clean barbeque if used. Do not dump coals in to the yard
If you have small children, please wipe fingerprints from windows, walls and furniture
Take one last look around for personal items. We are not responsible for lost items
Turn off all lights, appliances and power switches to TV, VCR and stereo equipment
Close drapes and blinds. Lock all windows and doors
Return all keys, garage door openers, passes, etc. to the property mangers office. Do not leave in house. If the office is not open you can leave leys in the key drop in the front door of the office. There is a $15.00 lost key charge for any keys not returned to the office.

If the house you stayed in required excessive cleaning after your stay, or if there are any damages, the charge will be deducted from your security deposit. Please report any damaged to our office immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Pricing and confirmation of reservation is not guaranteed until we charge your credit card and you receive a formal Rental Confirmation directly from Property Manager. Please refer to your reservation number in any future correspondence.

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