The prices shown are the room rates only. There are additional charges for reservation fee, cleaning, taxes and a refundable damage deposit. Complete the information below and click “reserve” to view complete pricing and rental details and to complete your reservation. You will be given a confirmation number. Please refer to this confirmation number on any correspondence.

Once you reserve the property, half of the Total Reservation Amount is due upon confirmation of this rental. The balance is due 30-90 days prior to your arrival date depending on the season. If you are reserving a property within 30-90 days of the arrival date (depending on the season) the Total Reservation Amount is due. We gladly accept Visa, Master Card, credit cards, money orders or cashier’s checks. Personal checks are accepted up to 30 days prior to your arrival date. The Cancellation Fee is $125.00 or 10% whichever is higher. To modify this policy you should consider vacation rental insurance which may cover your deposits and /or costs should someone become ill prior to your vacation.

Our friendly staff will follow up with your reservation and send the contract for you to sign and return to us. Once we have received your signed contract, we will charge your card and send directions to our office and directions for getting the keys if the office is closed. It’s that simple.

Property Manager is a family oriented business specializing in providing families with a quality vacation experience in privately owned vacation rental properties. These privately owned properties are located in residential areas. Please do not plan large parties, or exceed the number of guests allowed in each home. If you are planning a family gathering, please let us know in advance. We will try to accommodate the number of guests in several closely grouped properties.

Different properties have different minimum stays ranging from 2 to 7 nights. Holiday and summer minimums will vary from 3 to 7 nights. If you have booked a property for less than the minimum stay for that property or for more guests than the property will accommodate, we will contact you to move your reservation to another property, with your consent. If we are unable to find an alternative property to suit your needs, we will cancel your reservation at no charge.

We will fax, e-mail, or mail the contract including the Vacation Rental Agreement to you as soon as we receive the reservation (this could take a couple days if you book on the weekend or on a holiday). If you would prefer to have the contract faxed, please provide us with your fax number. Please read the agreement carefully, confirm arrival and departure dates, sign the front copy and return it to our office. We hold the person whose name appears on the reservation responsible for any payments, damage deposits, and all other responsibilities of the rental agreement.

We reserve the right to cancel any reservation made under false pretenses, for groups exceeding the occupancy of the house or for other legal reasons.  Refund and cancellation information will be provided with the confirmation letter. Cancellations must be submitted in writing 31-91 days (depending on the season) prior to the arrival date shown on the rental confirmation. Last minute cancellations or no-shows will result in the forfeiture of rental funds. There are no check-ins / check -outs on Christmas Day.

A valid credit card is required to submit this reservation request online. You should receive your contract within two days. Please return the signed contract within 48 hours so we can process your reservation. If you prefer to mail the signed copy (if it is outside the 30-90 days depending on the season), please telephone our friendly staff so we do not cancel your reservation. Once we receive your signed contract, your credit card will be processed. We will then send you a final confirmation. This confirmation will have directions to our office which is where you pick up your key packet. There will also be directions for getting your keys if the office is closed. If there is a problem with your credit card and we are unable to reach you within two days your reservation may be cancelled.

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