Policies for Units Manged by 101 Great Escapes

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TO ENSURE A MORE PLEASANT VACATION. These policies are specific to the unit you are currently viewing.

CANCELLATION POLICY: 21 days prior to travel for Winter and Summer vacations. 42 days prior to travel for Holiday Periods.
All reservations will incur a 10% service charge upon cancellation.  If any reservation is cancelled before the cancellation date, all of the deposit will be refunded less 10% of the reservation total. 

NON HOLIDAY periods: If you cancel on or after the cancellation date, your 50% deposit is non-refundable. On the cancellation date your balance is payable in full.

HOLIDAY PERIODS: (Christmas, New Years, Presidents Weekend) On the cancellation date your balance is payable in full and is 100% non-refundable.

PARKING: Guests must park in the space/spaces assigned to their unit. Place all parking permits in your vehicle(s) immediately upon arrival. Your rental unit is owned by a private homeowner. You may find that some closets and cabinet are locked.  Please respect the property in the unit.   

PAYMENT CONDITIONS / SECURITY DEPOSITS: If any portion of your payment has been made on a credit card, a signature is required from the card holder on a credit card draft even if the card has already been billed. In addition, We will authorize a security deposit in the amount of $700 which would be billed if there is any loss to or damage sustained in the unit as a result of occupancy.

Full loss of security deposit as well as immediate check out with no refund will occur for:

1) Bringing ANY type of pet or exceeding the maximum unit capacity
2) Continued non-compliance with posted rules or disturbing noise levels
3) Loss or damage to condo - penalty will equal the cost of repair and/or replacement
4) Litter
5) You do not complete the checkout list.

All 101 Great Escapes units are NO SMOKING and NO PETS.   NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are not responsible for weather and road conditions, airline delays/cancellations, power, cable or telephone outages, pool or spa breakdowns, early departure and/or lost items. 

 Entire payment is subject to forfeiture if occupants exceed maximum capacity of unit - Town of Mammoth Lakes Municipal Code

Property Manager 101GE